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DelRo Tek offers a wide variery of Technology services to help people make the world a better place. Our team of experts our passionate about what they do. DelRo Tek is the first subsidiary of DelRo.


We help build Network and Systems Infratructrure. Our team is dedicated to give the best quality work for a reasonable price. Contact us for more info.

APP & Web Development

Our Team is dedicated to design and implement your App and Web site. Contact us for more info

Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security services include Incident Response, Data Recovery, Ethical Hacking and Systems, Network Security Audits. Contact us for more info.

Passionate and Dedicated

Technology Experts


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We are passionate about Technology

clients are

loving us

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we are professional

Our team of experts are dedicated to deliver optimum results.

we are creative

We our passionate about our work and strive to create wonderful designs.

24/7 great support

Call our DelRo hotline for Inquiries and Tech support at (213) 260-1578.


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Web Developers




Project Managers

a few of our



web & app design

Cyber Security

game development

seo expert

ux expert

Meet the


CEO: Paul Delgado

Email: pdelgado@del-ro.com

Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @AundreOfficial

CTO: Open Position

Email: pdelgado@del-ro.com to apply for CTO.

Twitter/Instagram: @aundreofficial

Snapchat: @aundreofficial

Contact us today by Phone or Email (213) 260-1578 or pdelgado@del-ro.com for Inquiries and Tech Support

We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support

Our World Class



Preparation is key.


Creativity is essential.


World class expertise.


Optimum results.

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Contact us for Inquiries or Tech Support

Phone: (213) 260-1578 Email: pdelgado@delrotek.com

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